Walda's Walnuts

Fresh in their shells

Quality Spanish walnuts direct from the grower.

Importing Spanish Walnuts to the UK

Here at Walda’s Walnuts we import chandler walnuts from our family farm in Albacete, Spain to the UK. Lovingly grown by our very own own Tio Abdon, we ship over a fresh batch each harvest for sale in here in Great Britain.

Sold with shells to maintain freshness.


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Chandler Walnuts

Chandler walnuts are esteemed for their exceptional quality due to several factors. Renowned for their large size, plump kernels, and smooth shells, Chandler walnuts offer a rich, buttery flavour that sets them apart with none of the bitterness often associated with walnuts. This variety was specifically chosen for the family orchard for the above qualities and the suitable match for the Castilla La Mancha climate.

Retail & Wholesale

We supply both retail and wholesale. For retail purchases head over to the shop. For wholesale discounts and orders please get in touch.